What is Euphoria Coffee?
Hi, I'm Julien! Euphoria Coffee is my micro roasting business, creative outlet, and love letter to all things coffee. No brick and mortar shop here- the shop is completely online only! I roast specialty whole bean coffee. Orders are roasted to order- unlike big coffee companies- to ensure the freshest quality beans. Our beans are currently sourced from Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders and Coffee Shrub.

How it all began!
Euphoria Coffee started as an idea in 2020 at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. I had been working in the mobile dog grooming industry for 4 years, and a total of 7 years working with animals. I was burnt out from working during a global pandemic plus the daily grind of working 40-50+ hours a week. On top of that, I was basically closeted at work and was constantly called by my birth name and incorrect pronouns. It was wearing on me and I needed a change. I wanted more creative freedom and the freedom to be my authentic self. I hatched the idea of Euphoria Coffee and left my job soon after. I spent the next year or so self-teaching as much as I could about the world of coffee. Reading books, watching Youtube videos, and trying (and failing) to find a hands on coffee roasting class because everything was closed due to the virus. Finally, the Euphoria Coffee website officially launched in June 2022 on the first day of Pride Month. I roast all the orders right out of my kitchen at home, in a safe environment where I can be myself and have the agency to make my own choices. Coffee roasting is an industry that is commonly led by cis men, but that's quickly changing as more non-binary and trans people launch coffee businesses! I'm proud to be part of much needed non-binary representation in this growing industry and I hope to inspire other queer folks to take the leap and pursue their dreams. My ultimate goal is to share the coffee that I love with as many people as possible. Coffee is a brief reprieve, a small comfort from the often busy moments in our lives. I hope it brings you joy in the small moments we make for ourselves.

-Julien (they/he)